August 10, 2015

Acrylic Sampler at Swinton's

Sunday Sampler at Swinton's Art Supply. 

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.
I wish I got to do this every Sunday.
My kind of church, the "Church of Creativity." 
Here is my quick demo piece for this weeks class.
No experience necessary!!!!
If you have always wanted to try painting, but don't want to drop hundreds getting the supplies before you try them out, Come down to Swinton's for on of their samplers. I will help you get your paint on.
This class is for people who have never painted before or a re beginners who have been hit by the creative bug. Its a great way to try out a new medium and to learn to mix different colours.
We work on fundamentals then everybody gets a bit of time to make their very first acrylic painting that they take home after they are finished.
I love the colours on this piece as it gets blocked in, a little more time and thick application of pigment......
And presto, nice work Lisa!
this mushroop piece was started on a bright yellow underpainting which gave the mushrooms a luminous quality, I'm totally stealing that idea. Even the instructor learns stuff on sampler days.
This participant had a wonderful sense of lighting on this snowy mountain.

Think you might want to try acrylic or oil out with me? go to Swinton's website (here) and look up when the next sampler is scheduled.

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