August 18, 2015

Add more colour to your world

When I'm not teaching my teen camps full time, I sneak in some colour after work and on the week-ends, wether permit tin, on the Ramsay Community rink mural. Got his by some bad storms which really cut down how much I could do this past week but I did have a little help from my friends recently.

My best friend Ben, and niece Teegan, helped me add some orange and magentas while I added some green to the piece.
There is an overall pattern I am following, ROYGBIV and mixing the previous and following colours onto each letter.
One thing I didn't expect that has become apparent as I proceed, is that the pure tones need multiple coats to flatten them out and hide the transparent looking brush strokes. Meaning…… I have many more hours to put in than I anticipated. C'est la vie.

Its nice and quiet when working alone, but much more fun when I have music playing and helping hands. I teach after my day shift tonight but will be back at it tomorrow night and throughout the week-end if anyone out there wants to pop by, message me for details :D

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