May 8, 2012

Versus show piece, the process proceeds

Finally after grabbing some supplies, rayzor is ready to get going on his part of the piece.

A stencil of our good friend RicHard. The original photo was from a post card he gave me. It was scanned and I brought it into photoshop, did some adjustments and printed it out on a number of sheets to be a suitable size to create the stencil. Rayzor cut the vellum stencil by hand with a tiny swivel knife.
It looks pretty good. He gets his airbrush out and adheres the stencil to the canvas. Here is it applied to the canvas. There is a lot that can be done creatively with the hair. I suggested he paint dancing flames to make it really dynamic. We lined up the mouth to continue diagonally into what will be the weapon jutting from his cavernous mouth.
I picked up a large piece of watercolor paper to create my stencil. I will be using this stencil for other projects but it may come into play here. It's of the wrestler BATISTA - No relation.  Rayzor's swivel knife and other exacto blade are no good for my needs. I will have to pick up new blades for mine and get working on it tomorrow. This printout was made using the same technique and has been taped down ready to go.

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