January 20, 2010

Cave woman and tiger

Caution: Cave woman. She'll will bash in your head boys!

These are drawings I inked with the new Copic marker and Prismacolor premier pens. Instead of watching movies I tend to draw while they are on. I like media being on sometimes when I'm doodling, glancing up now and again when something perks my interest. Otherwise it goes in one ear and probably out the other. when I draw I get in the zone. It's a good feeling.

Here is a cave girl based on something I saw the other day. I like the shadow over her eyes. I was thinking about giving her some color, maybe avatar blue;)

Oh yeah, another quote said while drawing. My couch surfer was applying for cheap rent for low income artists.
I replied "It's not that I'm low income.... It's just that I'm high debt". Somewhat true.

The next day I drew this GOOFY looking tiger holding a purple carrot. I treated myself to 5 new Prismacolor premier pens after having a fairly bad day at work. Sometimes a little shopping for art supplies improves EVERYTHING!
The green is called Avocado, and hopefully it doesn't brown.

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