October 23, 2017

Another busy week of art

My classes at Atelier Artista run everyday Monday - Friday. 
Drawing begins at 9am - 12:30 and Painting classes begin at 12:30. 
I also teach at other times throughout the week and on week-ends.
 On Wednesday Evenings, I regularly host figure drawing, find out more here: https://www.atelierartista.com/figure-drawing
Above is my drawing from last weeks Wednesday evening session.
 I was asked to hang some work at Holy Grill across fro MEC, They sent me the picture above.
 I got on the front cover of MRU's "reflector" newspaper for a course I've been building in creating Graphic Novels and comics. Read the article here:


 On Friday's, after my "Full Figure" drawing human anatomy course I teach an afternoon elective at Waldorf School. Above is the project the kids accomplished this week.
 The "Keys to recovery" exhibition was a huge success.  3 of my students sold their work at Auction!!! Above is the curator with a piece by Aaron Sidorenko.  http://aaronsidorenko.ca/
 I got to pick op 4 works made by friends and hang them in my studio for the time being.
 I teach at ACAD in during the week in the evenings and two classes at ACAD on the week-end.
 In Drawing 1 we are working on creating the illusion of depth and form on a two dimensional surface. I cover concepts including orthographic and isometric projection.
 As we work towards graphical and linear perspective, 1 point and beyond.
In my Arts Academy we finish the last day of our drawing portion with a self portrait and measure of the face, before we move into paint.

It may seem like a lot, but variety is the spice of life.

There are so many interesting and creative things going on everyday in my life and at Atelier Artista. If you want to find out more, take a class, come draw figure on Wednesday nights or anything like that check out AteleirArtista.com and sign up for the newsletter for more updates!

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