January 19, 2017

Building the dream

It is the new year and I am beginning to build a new venture. I have waited a year since dreaming up this dream and now I have the keys and I'm opening a private Atelier and hopefully you can join me.

Busy Bunny.  It takes a lot of work and even more money to put this together but someone said to me "do not compromise on your dream" so thats how I'm going about it.  I posted a new episode to bring the new year in and to introduce the space have a look:
Here are two pano shots of the empty room as I accepted it the day I got my keys.

I have about 800 sq. ft with bright North facing windows high on the fourth floor and looking onto the city. The building in a gold leed approved. My studio is housed in a turn o the century heritage school building. You can research the cSPACE King Edward Project to find out more.
 The north facing windows are perfect for a painter, they allow a constant light throughout the day and if I need I can open them at the top to let a breeze in, though as you can see there are good air filters in the room on both sides of the windows to help airflow and to cut down on the scent of art materials.
The chalkboards are original slate and all the doors and woodwork are heritage elements I am a steward to protect. The ceiling is very high and I need a ladder in order to reach the picture railing.
And why would I have to reach up there?......
To paint of course. I wanted to have a restful green for my atelier theme. The bright is to white and aggressive. I got this chicken drop colour in high quality Benjamin Moore donated to me, so the paint is free and so are my efforts. I had to protect all the hardwood and tape all the outlets before I could begin. I know every inch of this space now.
I left one wall white so I can project on it and continued the "temple gris" below the chair railing around the room. Im really happy with how it turned out and what the colour looks like with the wood.
So it went from big, bright and empty to.....
Just right as it turns to night.

Now to move in everything and get some furniture in here!!!

I began building a website in my spare 5 min, still a work in progress but you can sign up for updates at Http://Atelierartista.com

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