July 28, 2016

From Lisbon with Love

I jump right in during my residency at the faculdade de belas-artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. There are a ton of plaster casts on the campus which is housed in a converted franciscan monastery. I begin with a graphite drawing on Fabriano paper of a torso I found in the basement, beside the wood shop.

My father was born in Lisbon Portugal, and part of my desire to come to Lisbon is to discover a bit of my families heritage. I don't know much about it or the culture. Growing up I was only exposed every few week-ends with visits to my grandparents. Portuguese was never spoken at home or taught to us. It has made it difficult to communicate since I don't speak or write any Portuguese. But it is nice to blend in a bit and to take in the sights and sounds which may be held deep in my soul waiting to be awakened.

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