November 24, 2014

What is art for?

It may seem quiet on my blog as of late, maybe I haven't been artistic lately. Has he given up his artistic practice. I respond with a resounding and gloriously confident NO!
There are so many considerations when it comes to living a life of creativity.
But there is no chance I will wane from my path.

In fact, rather than stay docile while on a few weeks of cleanse and healthy living, I have been able to better reflect on my life and drives.  I have been regularly teaching my classes to groups of inspired learners. I'm loving my classes, unfortunately in the next few weeks they all come to an end before the winter holidays.  In addition, I have been organizing loads of supplies and building a new studio space since I have gone nearly a year without a suitable temple of creation.  So as all to this transpires I have maintained a low profile on social media and the internet. I'm gathering my troops in order to strengthen my resolve once more.

I came across this post today to share a little food for thought so that you too can consider the purpose of your creativity.

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