November 28, 2014

Figure drawing sketch book warm ups

In preparation for tomorrow evenings Wild and Free figure drawing session, I spent the last week drawing in my new sketch book for 30 minutes each day. Each session begins with a number of 1 minute gesture warm ups, then a few 2 minute poses followed by some 5 minute poses. I admit I am rusty but I am finding the practice exhilarating. I look forward to it every evening instead of Netflix or chores or whatever else distracts me from spending time drawing. You can probably relate?!
I took pics with my iPad so they are not great but they serve this purpose. The first one on the left was actually done in about 7 min with the model we had during my drawing class at ACAD. When I got home I added a paint touch up with fluid acrylic made by Golden in my favourite colour fluorescent pink.
I tried to stay away from my comfort zone which is mechanical pencil and instead, use a variety of ink medias so that I would have to work fast and I couldn't erase my mistakes. Its the quickest way to see where you go wrong. Later, I added some highlighter and drew a bird from a recent issue of National Geographic. I also filled in the background with a free sample from Golden in a Manganese blue hue, I didn't like the consistency and it was too transparent to get an even tone with one light coat.
In these sessions, I used thinned india ink and a brush as well as some graphite. Some interesting alignments happen when shapes of the body overlap during quick sketching.
I tried some pens I found in random places while tidying up the studio. Many did not work so they wound up in the trash. I have so many random art supplies, it is ridiculous. Sometimes it sucks when you start drawing with a pen only to find out it bleeds through the paper. That's the reason I haven't used my Copic markers in this new sketchbook, they go right thru to the next sheet.
I tried to use the whole page for two sessions and leave a fresh one for tomorrow which turned a bit chaotic. I like where these are going and I will try more materials and mark making techniques to get out of my comfort zone.

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