January 20, 2014

Catalina Wine Mixer

Before leaving for this vacation, my good friend Lupe decided to throw together a "Catalina Wine Mixer" and sent out a questionnaire for everyone to fill out. Once the majority of our friends showed up the info would be posted as a fun ice breaker to introduce everybody to one another.  In order to jazz it up I was asked to do some drawings to represent some of the answers people gave. I gave the drawings away after and used a watercolour moleskin and paint set I have never used before.
Here is my first drawing for the choice between day or night. I said daytime was my favourite, but in the Central American climate night was far cooler so I slept during a lot of the day.
My room mate Ray wanted to participate by lending a helping hand and finished off the colouring.
The next three drawings are for peoples favourite sex positions. I drew one of the local male dogs doggie mounting a girl who is NOT Lupe.
After a quick application of watercolour and washes it was taped down to the table for practitioners to enjoy.
Mine is Cowgirl, I'm not going to expound the benefits here but I did make an inside joke of it between me and my good friend Dom, I managed to keep this drawing a secret until the day of the mixer where she was surprised, plus I let her keep the piece.
Here is is with a splash of paint. Notice how white the guy laying down with the ears is, I'm not that tan. lol.
Here is Dom tallying the results of the survey and making the lists for display at the mixer. She is much more tan that the drawing and didn't actually have a cowboy hat.
The final choice in the survey was Missionary. Its a transitional move really, or for the lazy, so Lupe and I agreed it is boring, so to jazz it up a bit I made it a legs up drawing. A pope giving it to a nun on a cloud in heaven.
Here it is done with a splash of paint.
These really had people arguing about what position is best and why. Sex really starts passionate and heated debates at the Catalina Wine mixer!

What's your favourite position?

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