December 16, 2013

The Hanged Man

The White Lodge Gallery held their annual Black x-mas show. This instalment Horror #4 show was this past week-end.  I created something to auction off, here are the steps.
Jim dropped off this slab of MDF to me to create an art work for the exhibition.
I gave it a good coating of black gesso to create a ground for painting.
I painted this reclining skeleton and attached his legs to a tree trunk. I rubbed in a bit of black on the bones to help create a little bit of texture.
I then painted in the background with copper paint. Ooooh shiny!
I then poured ammonia to patina the copper surface.
I then clear coated the piece to protect the surface and added in a bit of interference pigment to give it a bit more sparkle. After it dried I sanded the surface a bit.
I went in with black line and some white to put in some tarot card inspiration.
I went in with more black to help pop out the skeleton and gave it a textured clear coat on the surface.
And here it is hung for display at the gallery. I liked how it looks up side down. :D

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Francesca said...

It reminds me of the Ents in the Lord of the Rings. They were the talking trees. I've seen all the LOTR films and read all of Tolkien's books. Now I'm working on an acoustic version of a Bonnie Raitt song. My friend Sean has a studio near SAIT. The last cover I recorded was 4 years ago (Teardrops on my Guitar). The All-American Rejects thought it was cool.