December 31, 2013

Moving on…..

What a way to start the new year with a bang than to totally change my studio situation. Time to move out and change things up in 2014.

I saw that CAAF advertised their residency program for the new year in the space I was subletting from them. They took a really long time to get back to me a confirm that indeed I was being kicked out but I bit the bullet and in an attempt to be the bigger person in the situation, strapped up my boots and used the majority of my Xmas vacation to vacate the property.
Having been the the space for two years, I  managed to utilize the space very well for cramming in all sorts of art supplies and project materials. Luckily as soon as I found out I had to move, Richard Reeves was in town visiting and Duncan had his van. That very evening they helped me move a big chunk of stuff to my house. One down!
So the situation seemed stressful. I have a lot going o and not to many nice days to do it over the holidays. I will however point to the brain ability to select and group things into patterns. In my case it doesn't have to do with the packing and organizing of stuff…….
It has to do with having a good friend willing to help and it just so happens to fall onto the most beautiful chinook days as well. I feel like one lucky "Bunny".
My neighbour Greg insisted on pulling out his trailer and helped me move all the large paintings and even the big red bean bag chair. While at my place unloading his girlfriend dropped by and helped him with a painting. He asked if he can hang it in his room. I said for sure. She got pissed and wouldn't let him take the piece because she said if she looked at it in his room it wouldn't turn her on. WTF?!, that chick is crazy!
He broke up with her then and there because he wasn't going to have anyone tell him what he can or can't hang on his wall. AS if this is a turn off, lol. He keeps telling me he loves the piece and sent me this pic from his phone.
On another day my best friend Ben helped me tackle all the loose ends remaining, the most annoying bits. It just so happened to be another chinook day and we were able to get wrapped up just in time as the final light left the sky and darkness and cold returned to Calgary.
Yesterday my room mate Ray helped me with the finishing touches. I had to move out the final stuff, patch and paint the walls and leave it better than I had been given, it's how I roll.
Here is the final view with the furniture CAAF first lent me with the studio as well as a few donations from myself. I am sad to let this wonderful space go but I am equally compelled to pass it on as an opportunity to another emerging artist, as it was integral to my development and success in the past years. My thanks and gratitude go out to CAAF for the wonderful opportunity subletting their space has afforded me. Now a new year begins, let's see where we go!

 = :D


Francesca said...

That's a dumb reason to break up with someone. Leaving a place is never easy. At one time I owned 6 guitars, 2 amps, a keyboard, a flute, a glockenspiel and a drum kit. I had to sell 4 guitars and the drum kit when I moved.Things can be replaced. People can't.

Baby Doll said...

You should set up a home studio...or ask someone at King Edward to lend you a space. I could probably find you another one. I have my ways.

not a secretary said...

I might take your animation class if I can get out of this keyboarding course. It is literally hell on wheels. They should seriously consider adopting a prerequisite or change the course description in the catalogue. There's a lot of people who have to take keyboarding more than once, apparently.

Francesca said...

I used to be a huge fan of Neil Young. I did a cover of his song Heart of Gold on my flute a long time ago. But I trashed it along with his greatest hits CD when he started comparing Fort McMurray to Hiroshima. Music and politics should never be mixed together. IMO