June 22, 2012

busy bunny

making waves for MAR DE FUNDO.

This past week-end, I did some live painting at Inshala. I had a nice set up and experimented with my newest acquisitions, Chromadepth 3D glasses and an airbrush system.  The fun is over, all of a sudden things are coming to a head. Clients who haven't approached me in a month all of a sudden need work done. When it rain it pours. There will be plenty of work and catch up to do this week-end. Here is a project I completed before dinner today.
I had a day to make a 12 frame animation project titled MAR DE FUNDO out of Venezuela.
My good friend KT asked and it's headed up by Richard Reeves. So I said "I'm in for sure!"
The theme is water sea navigation tools. I figured whales are good navigators and the loop is meant to be a cycle. SO I designed a cyclical loop made up of 12 different species of Ceteceans at their relative scale to one another.
 I scanned the drawings into Photoshop then used After Effects to compile and align the drawings then output them to the various formats requested. I cant wait to see what they do with the various pieces made by all the participants.

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