January 18, 2012

Double your pleasure, double your fun....

Double Dragons.

The Chinese New Year quickly approaches. A lot has been happening in my world to keep me away from the studio. I began my Monday ACAD class- Motion Graphics 1. That's right, I got into the sessional pool, and with little time to prepare so it's been a real haul, all hours focused on this one task creating 15 weeks of teaching materials and an outline. After the first class I am very excited about having a full  class and a studious bunch of 2nd year creative designers, illustrators and BFA chasers.

Here I began work on the rainbow scales of the male dragon. Since he started out as black I applied the rainbow of coloured scales in the opposite direction. Red near the belly moving in ROYGBIV toward the spine to blue. Each scale is painted in a light hue and then a darker one of the same colour is applied over top along the outer edge and as a central line for each and every scale. Yes, it takes time to do this sort of thing. You may notice I spent some time blocking in the antlers too, I did them on both paintings, on this one I modelled them after coral, the other (not pictured) is more natural colours. Here I discovered a tube of unbleached titanium white, what a beautiful ivory colour.
To get  a better idea what step would be next when I visit the studio again, I made a watered down Raw Umber and applied it over the blue background to make the dragon pop. Over this background I plan to apply Gold. But first, I will give it a sand to reveal the textural layers by revealing the bright blue hues underneath. I went down to Inglewood Art Supply and picked up a $28 bottle of Golden brand fluid acrylic. I am hoping this amount of paint can cover both backgrounds. after its applied, I will probably give it a  good sanding to age it and reveal more of the background texture.

More to come ......... =;D

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