August 20, 2009

New Truck Confusion/Illusion

I just bought a truck to help me move and to take a trip to the burning man festival.  I got a from Brent, who sells plants at the Tuesday farmer's market. I had been asking him for a week or so if he'd sell it to me. He dropped it off a few days ago then this happened.......

I looked out my window and what did I see, was it a sign?

What was my truck doing outside my window? It had been dropped off a few days ago at PROJECT RAYHEM. The last thing I heard about it was that my new roommates truck battery died and he broke into my truck by climbing thru the canopy and thru the rear window in order to pop the hood and steal my battery to start up his truck.



Anyhow. I was hanging out with neighbors while packing my books from the shelf they were getting from me. I peer outside and I see my truck outside my very window. 

At least, I think it is my truck. It is outside my window. How did it get there?

~the strange view from my apartment.

Anyhow, I didn't get a really good look at the truck when I got it that evening. I knew it was a 1990 red Dodge Dakota with a white topper and a lined box.  I had to insure it the day before. There was a note inside with advice on 3rd party insurance on a yellow sticky tab. I looked in the box and it was lined  but there were a few empties that I don't remember at drop off. 

Strange, how did it get here?

I ran back upstairs and got the one key I had to see if I could get into the vehicle.
Didn't fit. Must not be mine. Then again, how would the truck get here if I had the only key?

Maybe it had been hot wired 
another key dropped off and then delivered to my place.

Then I ran back to my camera, realizing that I had a picture of the truck I bought.
I hadn't spent much time with it...............

~The picture proves it was not the same!

Until today I had never seen a truck like this with a white topper of the same year and it was parked right outside my house. Weird. 

You can see why I was a bit confused.

Was it a sign??????

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