August 21, 2009

Survey Says........

Dear Bunny,
Here is your horoscope for
Friday, August 21:
Nobody disputes your organizational skills, and right now, you are showing everyone just how great they are.
You're perfectly aligned with your files, possessions and projects.

Plans have changed, Things to do:
     Organize and pack possessions.
  Bring a load to Rayhem and bring back empty bins to refill.
Bring Truck to shop and have it looked at.
Call accountant re: Files and Year end cash flow.
Continue Packing.
Fix truck/do some moving in

So I woke up early and took in my truck to my step dad, who was at work (He's an auto technician) He returned my call after dinner last night. He did a once over on the vehicle because my mom didn't think I should be going so far (Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada) on those wheels. Ok so the truck isn't new, and it isn't pretty, but it is in my price range!

Anyhow, I don't need new tires until the winter= BONUS!!!!  I thought I'd have to send my truck in over the week-end and spend a ton of $$$ I don't have. I don't need the fluids checked though I might get an oil change in the states 'cause it is super inexpensive.  The emergency brake does work. The muffler isn't really an issue. I still have to figure out the spedometer, in the process of checking the panel under the steering column finally gave way and broke- shit- cosmetics! Tape?

My dad did mention the following:
I need to replace the idle bearing IMMEDIATELY!!!
I need new wiper blades (easily done:)
He recommended picking up a few additional fan belts (just in case!)

Conclusion: NOT BAD!!

He invited a buddy out to look at my "oldie but a goodie" vintage classic (What it's only from 1990?) While the engine roared he commented, "It's a V6 it will be super good on gas." Now that I liked hearing for the third time, especially because I am driving a far distance!  

He made certain I had all my x-tra tools to change a flat.
I showed him behind my seat at my collection of proactive measures:

X-tra canister for gasoline
windshield washer fluid
10W/30 motor oil
Tools to change a flat, jack
Spray tire sealer and filler for up to 18" rims

I also had on my list: a new topper handle with lock and a tire pressure gauge.

Hit Parts Source with a friend and picked up everything, including an Ipod cigarette lighter adaptor on sale for $9.99. Tunes here we come. Total bill under $99, but I still need the idler part, they didn't have it in stock;( Got a call during of a possible ride share with a very close adventurer friend of mine. I hope it pans out even if I have to cover his way, it will be a truly tremendous time!

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