February 2, 2017

On with the show

Getting an exhibit ready takes time and effort. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to show at first. I knew I'd include some of the pieces I did while traveling abroad.
 I had new paintings inspired by my vacation in Puerto Rico. I wanted to capture the feeling and energy with the bright colours and nature on the island.
 I found some frames that fit the drawings fairly well and my helper did a fantastic job framing the work up for me.

 I also included some of my favourite images from Italy which allowed me to try out my new photo printer.
 I laid the work out at the New Edward gallery along the wall while Eddie and Karen were rolling out a final coat of paint on the gallery walls.
 They offered to hang the pieces as I had a lot on my plate and it was late, they did a great job!
Here is the Man, Eddie, in the space looking over the exhibition.
Here is a view with the lights on. I think it was a good amount of work and quite an eclectic collection.

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