August 12, 2016

Episode 24 - "Deep into the blue"

This episode has is introduced  from a cablecar high above the expo '98 grounds. I take off to visit the aquarium Ocenario de Lisboa and a few other sights and sounds. I talk about the colour blue (azul), my references and add tidbits of what i've learned  about Portuguese heritage. Meanwhile my time lapse is working as hard as me and I complete my latest piece for exhibition at the Belas-artes residency in Lisbon this summer. Link to the video by clicking here or watch it below.

My residency is quickly coming to a close. Below are the invitations created for the main as well as the group exhibitions following the completion of the residency at Belas-artes Lisboa.

 After the exhibition my next stop is Apulia, about an hour north of Oporto. I am visiting Martinho Correia as well as to do a little painting for him on a church altarpiece commission. .

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