April 26, 2016


I think one generality I can make about artists is that they all seem to love colour!
This week-end I received my intermediate Copic certification and the participants oohed and awed over the variety of colours. The same thing happens in many of my classes. Heck, I feel it when i pass by the paint swatches at home depot. I really, really love colour!
I went to Sunnyside Art Supply to watch Nick do a free oil paint making demo. I have made my own oil paints in the past based on reading I had done, just so that I know a bi more about my craft. But Nick has taken this passion to a whole nee level and stirred that passion in me. He demoed a variety of pigments ans techniques and let everyone try mulling.
The tools are fairly simple, the options and combinations for recipes nearly endless and the final product exquisite.
Here is a comparison on how the natural pigments from France and Italy differ. I am really interested in making more paints using a variety of ingredients and pigments from different sources.
Here is some of what they have at Swintons. The colour's are making me salivate. I am really looking forward to finishing off what I have, using the new Williamsburg and Shiva brand pigments I recently bought and rounding it off with some good old fashioned elbow grease made pigments.

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