May 8, 2015

Its no secret…….

I work my ass off. I have been hiding away, working up to 5 jobs and pretty much everyday since the new year. All for my goal of getting to Italy for the remainder of this month. To see the sights, hear the sounds and eat as much food as I can. I leave in a day and return at the end of May.  I have been hard at word as the Artistic Director on a Blackfoot graphic novel publication. I finally send off the final 80 page indesign master document plus a 2 page cover design to be checked, edited and okayed before being sent off to Rhino Solutions, our printer.
 I am so proud of all the contributors who worked on the publication. 

Randy Bottle, our elder and story teller, you'll be able to hear him tell the story in the traditional blackfoot language on the DVD that comes in the back with the free publication. 

My artist Mitchell Poundmaker has been killing it since Nisoo the first of these publications done by USAY, the Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth. 

Chris Boulet, a past AYAP participant, added his creativity before he heads off to BC for a degree in Fashion. I managed as well as did all the layout, text and animation for the project. It will be printed by the End of June.

Extra special thanks to the Staff at USAY who make the whole challenge enjoyable:
   LeeAnne Ireland, Executive Director
  Jessica Hawryluk, Financial Officer
 Levi First Charger, Community Outreach Support Worker

If you are interested in obtaining your free copy in the future contact USAY 403.233.8225or on their website:

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