April 7, 2015

Drawing from life and sketch club 1

I have booth N01 in Artist Alley at the upcoming  Calgary Comic expo April 16-19?!
Come by and say hello if you are checking out the show!

Here are some pics from a session we did in drawing 1 with a live model.
We had some lights set up so the students were better able to move away from line and begin working with tone.
Having a piece of charcoal and one single source of light can be really fun.
This class was really exceptional, I also received my best class evaluations to date.  It inspired me to use the class time once the class was over for my brand new sketch club!
Our first session was out at the zoo, here are some of the crew that came out and joined me for sketching some animals. If you'd like to join in send me a line and I'll tell you where and when the next session is :D

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