January 11, 2015

Master Beer Brewing

Those of you who follow my blog or know me well, know I collect hobbies and skills like an RPG character. Now I am curious about being a beer brewing ninja. I just aced the final of four tests and am receiving a certificate from the Mixology training Company for the Mastering Beer Brewing course they offer.  Only time and taste will tell if it is "mastered" but I can tell you a bit of experience and years of practice will really grant me this honour. At least I have learned enough to respect the process of home brewing on a whole new level.

I haven't been drinking at all this new year though, instead, I've been working hard at the course material. In due time I suppose.  It all sounds good but mostly it is about process of the varieties, hops, grains and methods and very little about being a flavour connoisseur.  I am making a few batches to go with my cider and wine filled carboys in the tiny room I created for that activity.

Next up is quickbooks and basic accounting certification course,  just in time for the tax season.

and yes….. I am still working on this grant application, these things don't write themselves ;p

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