December 31, 2014

Change is the only constant. So bring in the new year.

To end off the year my final sketchbook drawing and process are below.
It started with a simple sketch in pencil, drawn in with copic multiline and outlined with a regular old sharpie.

It may be the end of the year but that does not mean “it’s the end of the world as we know it”. Try not to have a catchy tune in your head. I love how music is the soundtrack of our lives. A few notes are able to evoke a strong emotion and bring us back to a moment in time. Audio is a powerful thing.

I then coloured in the body and antlers with Copic markers for a deep rich colour.

As we approach the end of the year, for me, it is a time to reflect and gather ones thoughts. . Every year I write a list of all the things I did in the previous year that made it awesome, then I make a list of the things I’d like to accomplish in the next one. I also make a list of all the people I love just to remind myself how lucky I am to have all of you. Finally I buy myself a new moleskine day-timer and begin filling in everything I have booked so far. It’s great that as the previous year comes to an end we all have the opportunity to begin anew. Like a final chapter in a book the new year offers endless potential and the chance to begin a whole new story. Let’s all start the new year on the right foot while making a step in the right direction!

I filled in the background with watercolours so they would not be as vibrant as the main subject, though sketchbook paper is not well suited to the material, it was a risk I was willing to take.

2014 has been both a challenge and a joy. The things that occurred were both difficult and interesting. There were notable tribulations some acted as a real test of my intentions and morals. TO say the least it has been engaging. It has been hard personally and I’m sure many readers can relate. I remember all those who I have lost, this year I had 6 funerals for family, friends and acquaintances. I hope next year there are none.

I added some texture with prismacolour pencil crayons onto the watercolour paint. I masked out the deer with painters tape by cutting around it with an exact knife, being sure not to goo too deep as to score the paper below.

Nothing mean more to me than knowing that after my vulnerable and heartfelt words that there are those of you who read them. I feel so deeply and decided to share but the vulnerability often makes it difficult. Your deep, rich resonating replies mean the world to me, I really appreciate it. I am so grateful that you let the conversation commence and your opinion/viewpoint are honoured.

I splattered white out with a tooth brush and misted the paper to create blurred flowers and to set the background further back. This photo was for Instagram and has a vignette and some tilt shift added. I wish it was easier to draw blurry like this. I like how it has turned out but may revisit it with more pencil crayon and copic marker in the foreground in the future.

I look forward to the new year and all it may bring. I hope yours is awesome too! Cheers, see you in the new year!

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