June 3, 2014

Sweet message from a collector

While updating my blog post, I received a nice FB message from a collector that visits me every Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. She sent me some pics of the prints she bought framed up and this nice message, which she has given me permission to share with you

"Hello Brian, I wanted to share with you how amazing your art has made my home! We met at the comic expo and I told you about the one matching my curtains! Ha. And the rainbow deity looks effin amazing with the new frame! 
Everyone who comes to my home loves your stuff:) thanks for being amazing!"

Chelsie Grenier-McNabb

This was the first piece she got off of me two years ago, all framed up nicely.The previous(above) two prints are sold out and I won't be making any more. 
Above  "Songs yet to be sung", I still have a one or two of more prints available in a very limited run of this piece, if you are interested contact me.  This is the piece that the original was purchased out of Motion Gallery by a collector who writes for "Heartland".  Look how awesome it looks framed!

I am so stoked that Chelsie went out of her way to contact me and spread the joy of art. I really appreciate it! It certainly has brought more sunshine to my day, it is nice to know ones passion and hard work are appreciated at times. = :D

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