March 27, 2014

Why my posts have been few and far between….

I'm up sh*t creek without a paddle.

Well maybe it's not that bad, but the clock is ticking and we are getting close to the final deadline, our screening is this Sunday at 6pm at the Globe.

I have been devoting every day of my life, since November, to the Aboriginal Youth Animation Project. Its been an arduous journey of learning and challenges, but we are in the last few meters of the sprint and the finish line is in sight. For the past few weeks, I've been staying up late every night working on piecing together our screening and documentary reel. I also teach my regular load of classes on a few evenings and week-ends. I highly doubt all work and no play has made me dull, but I am looking forward to a mini break after screening the films.

Here is the Fast Forward Article about the program that came out today:

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