July 30, 2013

Sketch of a figure sitting

One of the things that I struggle with most  in my art making practice is value and tone. My eyes are opening to seeing the variations and nuances of light and shadow. My work tends to be flat and graphical but I have always wanted to have the traditional skill set of the old masters, to do this takes dedication, patience and some gentle massaging with the pencil.
 This sketch was done entirely with a 0.07 HB mechanical pencil. I really tried to push it to get as much of a range of light and dark from the single lead type. It would definitely have been easier to use some other tools, but the task I set myself up to do was a great challenge and learning opportunity.
I threw down some copic cool grey (C3) which happened to be the value behind the model in reality. It took me quite a while to decide on that marker and then I quickly filled in the background just in time for the critique. I think this is one of my most successful drawing from like sketches ever. Onward and upward.
That's Mike in the yellow shirt behind my sketch.
He liked the drawing so much I gave it to him.  = :D

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Carrie said...

They look good, but I'm no expert. Drawing was never my strong suit. I have no idea why I ever went to ACAD. I have a business degree and a science degree. I've used a dozen accounting software packages in my career. In my spare time, I write and play 4 musical instruments. I wasn't going to include you in my new novel, but it was unavoidable. You're one of those people whom the heart never forgets. To me, you are perfect. Sorry this was so long. Mother Teresa once said: "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."