June 20, 2013

Painted Elephants

I created these two new pieces for the Inshala festival while on my Cypress Hills residency.
I started with brush drawing with black Gesso on the primed support. I like this method, it's fast!
I added the brightest paint colours to the surface. It killed back all the wrinkles which I will revisit.
I used a plastic bag and really watery paint to texture over the skin surface to take back a bit of the colour and make the piece more homogenous.
I went in with the white and highlights, right out of the tube.
I went in with some line and neutral gray and began with some bright green in the eye.
I started another on the same size canvas.
I threw down some texture before starting in on the second elephant head.
I drew in the elephant face quickly. I'm a bit attached to the plain black and white drawing, it looks kinda like an ink drawing.
I add the punchy neon acrylic colour as the elephant paint, it sits far on top visually so I will have to take it down like before.
Here is is after I apply a bluish grey and revisit some of the wrinkle lines. I went into the eyes with some sparkles.
 I am really happy with how these two new pieces turned out and how quickly they came together.


Anonymous said...

Can you please take over the Digital Design II class? I hate my instructor. He's a terrible teacher. He goes too fast & he's so completely unhelpful.

BUNNY said...

This sounds like a job for Super =Bunny. I wish I could take the gig but it wont be offered as I have a fine art degree and not a focus in design specifically. They did have me teach Motion Graphics because I can animate and and tech savvy!