May 27, 2013

The camping continues....

I had a stretch of a few gorgeous days for some discovery. I've been starting some new work inspired by my camp and some of the surroundings.

Here is my Henessey hammock amongst the trees.

and a later version where I re-applied the trunk paint over the greenery.

I also started a piece where the camper is amongst the trees.

I used bronze and copper paint for the reflective pine leaves covering the ground and the trim on the camper.

On hottest day of the week-end, I cracked and I treated myself to some of Dar's ice cream goodness.

Nom. Nom.

I took myself on a bike ride but quickly found out it was a walking only trail so I parked my dreamy trusty steed against a big tree and went the rest on foot.

Bird, Butterfly and this little fungi - It is pouring rain now so I have plenty of time to sit down and crank out another painting inspired by my camp.

I sketched it out quickly on a Grumbacher artist panel.

I blocked in the background and base colours.

I worked in more depth on the forest floor.

I then used the a fan brush to block in the background and some of the mist.
I applied more textured lights and darks and painted in the hammock fly.

I still have more work to do on each one of the paintings and some of the other stuff I am working on while in the Artists Cabin.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Loving the feel of these new paintings, makes you feel like you are out there in the woods! Great job! Mom

BUNNY said...

Thanks mom!
♥ ♡ ♥
I Love you!