September 26, 2011

Prints Available on ETSY!

I have been slowly listing my limited run of high quality prints of selected works from my solo exhibition of Sacred Images. When I say limited, I mean......... I only got 5 printed of many of these works and not all the works at the show were selected to make prints.

Each print and is hand signed by the artist and printed with high quality archival inks on a semi-gloss photo quality paper. Most measures approx. 18 X 24 inches, which is how large the original paintings tend to be, because of this, they should fit in many standard frames, including ones from Ikea. There is an inch white border surrounding the image giving it a very clean look. These are not a poster! They are high quality prints that you can get no where else and I wont be making any more because they are rather expensive to produce.  I am hoping by making these prints that people with limited budgets for art can have beautiful, inspiring works created by me in their houses.

If you order one and are in Calgary, if you pay the shipping on ETSY but arrange a pick up, I will happily reimburse you in cold hard ca$h especially if you give me some +feedback on my ETSY account.

If you would like to purchase on, they make great gifts for all seasons go HERE.

 *There are much more paintings available and I will be adding a new print every week-day. 

If there is a work that you are interested in please feel free to send me an email and I'll post it to my ETSY account earlier.

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