February 1, 2011

Awesomeness of facebook

I just put up a little razmataz awesomeness on my Facebook page and invented a new form of FB graffiti. Already many peeps have been asking how I did it. Well here's how!


There is a new feature as part of the FB layout, 5 of your latest images across the top.  I decided to take one of my bunny parade pictures and cut it up across the top.

1) I took a screen shot of my facebook profile page first, to get an idea of the size the images would be.

Really easy to do with Mac (Command + Shift + 3) 
On a PC you may have to use Grab or another program.

2) I opened this image in Photoshop(any photo alteration program should work). I created another layer, cut and copied the entire layer and out each of the squares I wanted to fill.  I threw out the original layer, so what I had left was this image with squares cut out over a transparent background.

Simply cut out with the marquee. 
The checkered background shows the transparency.

3) I selected an image I wanted to fill the squares with. I added a layer and inserted my image below the cut out Facebook template I just designed. It needed to be moved around and re-sized but in the end, I had basically what I would see on FB.

Here is the example with the layers shown at left so you get a basic idea of how it is stacked.

4) I took the Marquee tool and cut out and copied each of the 5 images and saved them as separate PNG files. No now I had 5 separate files named "Bunny- 1 - 5".

5) I went into my  Facebook account and opened a new photo album, I called it "Number 5 is Alive" so I would remember the 5 photos across the top go in  there.  Once the photos are uploaded to Facebook, comes the tricky part..... 

6) Put them in order in the new FB Album. Tag them with your name,  from the LAST image to the FIRST.  Go to the end and tag using the 'previous' button, its quicker.   I found out, if you tag them in the regular order, the pictures will be in the reverse order. The funny thing is they should replace the ones that were there. 5 across the top. 

Trouble shooting:
If someone else tags a photo of you more recently it will pop into the left most square. Now this is not really a problem actually, just un-tag them all in your album and redo the process. Hmm, this can be a mess, but it also has the potential for other things..............

Causing trouble: 
The same is true if you decide to put this up on other peoples, tag them in reverse too. He he. Geurilla  FB advertising.

I take no responsibility for how you decide to use this information, even if it annoys your friends, it is all in good fun! Who knows, enough of this an FB may change how tagging works!

To remove: All they have to do to get rid of them is un-tag themselves in my photos.

Here is bunny having some fun my poking his head into his closest friends FB pages today =;)

"I see you!" 



Anonymous said...

that's great! im so going to do that now. I hated the whole pictures at the top thing coz people always tag such stupid crap of me. now i can fix it with this great idea. many thanks!

Fay_Moose_Art said...

What is resolution of pictures? :)

BUNNY said...

Resolution is 72 dpi.

That size came from the clipboard image and the fact that I took a screen shot to build the template. Still looks great on FB.

Fay_Moose_Art said...

Ok try 1 didn't work :) Pictures got to big and cut of some of characters :(
Ill try again :)