January 20, 2011

Publicity Parade

 I'm in the Fast forward this week. Just remember it's entertainment!

Well there is no point in looking back now.  You have to be extremely careful when you agree to an interview with the media, but I should have already known that. I have been written out of context a number of times, but who's counting. All publicity is good publicity in the end! Honestly,  I was hoping most of that wouldn't end up in print. But it makes for good reading. I guess the hippy part is kind of funny and I got to name drop important organizations like EMMEDIA, OYR and Burning Man. My ACAD job took most of the space, good thing I took the job. As for the rest of it, you decide, I promise, if nothing else it's a good read. I'm getting props already, my phone and facebook have been off the hook.


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