August 12, 2010

The early bird gets the worm

I guess I'd say I'm fairly driven. I’m good with my time, but just as good as anyone with a day timer.
But a lot of dumbfounded people ask me how I can get so much stuff done in my life.

So what is it that makes me tick?  Here's a little peek into what I’m really like on any given day. 
I tell you, even my close friends don’t really know what it is that I do to be the way I am, and get as much done as I do. I think it comes down to routine and organization.

"I'm a VIRGO, I can't help it, by nature I want to be in control of my life.  I need to be organized."

I keep a moleskine day timer by by bed and then put it into my back pocket. I love these things. I buy one every single year. I have a catalogue of these things an on any given day of any year I can go back and track it. Believe me, it is so helpful!

It is also a good place to write down cool things to check out, books to read, peoples names and numbers. I think it is a good thing to have some idea of where you’re going, like having a map before you head out on a journey. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know the way?

I think it is very important to keep up a daily practice or routine. Mine I call  the "Daily Success Ritual for the Jedi Mind". Laugh if you must, but it works!

One thing to note about routines is that after about 30 days of creating the new habit it becomes second nature. You notice, instead, that when you don't do them you feel like something is missing. Like drawing every day or reading before bed. You cant go on to the next thing until you've done it.

Daily Success Ritual for the Jedi Mind

1. I wake up and clear my mind. Take a little time to myself before springing out of bed.

2. I drink a tall glass of water to replenish my fluids.

3. I write a daily journal, I have for years. I picked this little helpful tidbit from Julia Cameron's "Artist Way". If you haven't done that twelve week program and want to be an artist what are you waiting for?

4. I stretch and exercise every single morning. It keeps me healthy and fit, and is the daily maintenance to keep my body in working order so this tin man isn't too squeaky. (I admit, this part is the hardest for me, it takes a ton of discipline. I can tell you……. it is something I don’t look forward to doing most days. But I decide to do it anyhow.)

5. I drink a healthy shake. Mostly Blueberries (yummy) Hemp protein, Alberta Greens and Almond Milk.

6. I do my daily hygiene. I learned this from living with many girlfriends. Guy's usually don't figure this one out but in order to feel confident and good all day a little work may be necessary. I floss and brush, tongue scrape, neti~pot, shave, pluck, put in contacts, slap on cream, aftershave etc. Whatever I see that needs to be done.

 90 min. or so later...... I'm ready for anything!

“Wait a minute”, you say, “I don’t have enough time in the morning to do that”.
Here is where personal choice and willpower come into play. You will have to get up earlier! That’s right. Wake up even earlier. Make the choice not to go out and get drunk, or to be lazy and zonk out in front of the TV until the we hours. Get to bed early. Wake up early. Simple. Try it.


This is part of my "long-term living strategy".
I have a theory that doing a little of something but doing it everyday has more growth potential over the long term. More on that in another post;)

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