June 11, 2010


I've been painting away. The drawing I did didn't make it. It got covered in paint.

I drew on canvas and before I took a snapshot of the preliminary sketch for a painting, I was knee deep in the paint.  I suppose you could say I was a little excited to get started.  I was asked to do another painting of a horse for the equestrian ranch because the last one was an, and I quote, "awesome painting".

Here is photoed (mind the flash) the second stage of my painting process.  I block in the initial horse with burnt sienna.  Then I put in washes of Yellow ochre, cerulean blue blended with titanium white for the blurry background. My next step is to drip paint form either sides to add more intense blues and ochres to the composition. This also helps to add linear horizontal reference points to base my water ripples.
You can already get a sense of the depth of the background and movement of foreground elements.

My next step is to block in my darkest tones and to use that to establish the middle values.

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