February 11, 2010

Leaping tiger

Even though I was sick all week I made art!  Here is another design I made for the Year of the Tiger shirt design. It is painted in acrylic on canvas and measures 18" X 24". If you look back through my sketches you will see where this one derives.

Here is the initial reply I got in regards to the picture:

I love your tiger. I wish I could HUG you!!!!!! Thank You soooo much for pushing through this while being sick!   So far everyone is enchanted by the great focused energy and warmth of your design! We have a meeting this evening and I am positive this is a go! 
Just in time! Have a cup of ginger tea and feel the love I am sending your way!!!! I know this tiger will serve as your familiar all year long! 

Gung Hey Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Tiger! 
I hope you feeling fine and  showered in sweetness this Family Day/ Valentines weekend!!!

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