December 3, 2009

The Hand is not as quick as the eye

So my next task was to draw my hand.

Before I began I did a quick 5 min blind contour drawing as a warm up. I used my kitchen timer to make sure I didn't go over. I love Blind contour drawings. They are always fun and interesting. I was completely turned the other way when I drew this and I knocked the sketchbook from my hand hence the big space between the two main areas of line. I really like the quality of line and it looks to me like a potential starting off place for building up the layers into a fantasy landscape.

My Hand 

I decided to "rock it out" with a "Hail Satan" with my left hand as my right did all the dirty work.  This was drawn with a 0.5 mechanical HB pencil.

I am really happy with what an hour produced. I felt like the shadow seems more graphic and the work sits fairly flat.  The dark outline may also be adding to this and lack of depth due to few really deep darks in the shadow areas. I want to create more mass and dimension in future drawings.

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