May 19, 2009


After buying a frozen lasagna on sale. I picked up some cheese. The only way you can make these frozen entrees even more delicious is to add another layer of melting cheese and a couple grinds of pepper. But wait.

When I put the lasagna into the freezer, I had to move some frozen Bacon from my mom. In a flash of brilliance I thought about adding bacon to the top of the lasagna before adding more cheese. The bacon flavors will mingle with the lasagna as it crisps up. The cheese will melt nicely on the bacon and you will have an inexpensive and delicious heart attack wonder in just over an hour with very little-no work at all. Yay!!!

One additional thought. it is a lot easier than you may expect to make lasagna from scratch anyhow, so skip the frozen unless it is on sale and convenient and add bacon or prosciutto ham.

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