July 18, 2013

Sniffing markers is part of the job!

I've been teaching my Cartooning class to teens all this week at ACAD. They are a good little group quietly drawing their assignments as I write this post. I have also been teaching evening classes which has me swamped, but its the good kind,  art day and night.

Here are some examples of the notes I write up on ye ol' whiteboard. I do hate using these pens. But it helps to accompany my hand outs. All in a days work!
 Here are some character design and how to flesh out the character from the skeleton. Also some angry birds just for fun.
We start every class with some drawing exercises I listed off some objects from them to draw from their imaginations we also do a little blind contour.

 From the perspective drawing classes. Above is one point perspective examples, landscape and a room interrior.
 I drew graphical boxes from a single vanishing point and a gun in 1 point perspective.
 We moved into two point perspective practice. Here are 9 cubes floating in 2 point perspective space, above and below the horizon.
 My white board is really starting to get mucky. We drew a bunch of bird houses in 2 point perspective as well, seen here in blue dry erase marker.
 We also did a room interior applying the rules of 2 point perspective.
 We moved onto 3 point perspective and did many examples of worms eye view and birds eye view, then tried the bird house again. I did an example using a basic stair case sketch covering all the methods we covered: isometric drawing, i point, 2 point and three point perspective.
 I explained foreshortening and ellipses and how to draw ellipses properly using a nifty geometry trick. We turned our elliptical shapes into useful drawings and drew soda bottles with liquid in them at varying angles.
I covered layout design, word bubbles, onomatopoeia, timing and text on this white board panel. Then the students got to work on their assignments, leaving me with an opportunity to update this blog.
I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to check out the Vanageddon show this Friday and Saturday only!!

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technophobe said...

I wish I could be in the class too but my boss won't let me leave the office. I have been a real disappointment. I looked for a tutor at U of C but couldn't find one to help me with the program. I'm a techno idiot. Maybe I should just stick to what I do best and get my next book published. Me doing art or playing with Adobe is almost exactly like Michael Jordan playing baseball. Sorry I let you down.

BUNNY said...

Technophobe - the name says it all. You cant let me down. In addition, I love the "Micheal Jordan" comparison to baseball!

somegirl said...

I know you're taken. It doesn't change the way I feel about you. I love you so much it hurts. I'm sorry I can't make you happy. Dreams last for so long, even after you're gone. I know you love me, and soon you will see you were meant for me, and I was meant for you.

BUNNY said...


really "somegirl" lmfao!