July 11, 2013

Sagan Wagon on the roll

I continued my work on my ode to Carl.
I took some adds from the recycling and used them as a paper mask to protect the image in order to apply a background.
Peek a boo.
Here is the head on the hood completely covered and protected.
I cut out some shapes out of scrap paper to create galaxy patterns.
Here is the make shift studio set up. There are both positive and negative painting shields made out of scrap paper. I flick the paint at the surface and create a spacey pattern for the background.
I taped the negative shapes in order to protect some areas from receiving more paint.
In this close up, you can see the gold galaxies I added for reflectivity and this nebula stencil I made.
Here more layers of work late into the night.
After I peeled off all the paper I painted in some sparkles on the stars.
Here is an angled shot which shows a bit of the purple metal flake I added to the background space while clear coating.
You can see the sparkles even better from this angle as the clear coat dries in the hot sun. A quick signature is added and now I have to battle with figuring out how to hang and display this large and heavy "canvas". 

Please come out to the Vanegeddon show at House Gallery. July 19th and 20th. Info below.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to be someone important or famous that everyone respects & admires & artists like you adopt as a muse when I leave this world. If I didn't waste so much time, then who knows what I could accomplish

Gardenia said...

It's too bad you can't teach Graphic Design 2. I don't want another class with Kyle Chow. He used to hit on me constantly when I had him for Graphic Design 1. A lot of female students have complained about Kyle. He's a really creepy guy.

BUNNY said...

I wish they would give me some daytime sessional classes again, though I'm not sure I'm quite as qualified for design work. I'm still based in traditional methods of fine art creation.

Gardenia - I am sorry to hear it's not working with your instructor. I don't know him personally but I really hope that his actions are noble. Even in an art school (which breaks many rules and should be a fun place of learning and discovery) a teacher should not be misusing his position of authority to hit on students. Maybe you gals should get together and discover the proper forum for tackling this issue and take care of it so it does not continue in the future. Thanks for sharing your comments =:D