July 9, 2013

Sagan - facing the challenge head on

After being rained out. I grabbed a tarp from my trunk. I dragged the heavy hood into the basement and set up an area to work. The hood wont fit in my Corolla so I don't have a way to get it to my 5th floor studio anyhow. It had rained and is dusty in town so I had to scrub clean the back surface before beginning.
I taped the image down onto the hood as a guide for the flecking of the One shot white lettering paint. Its fairly big now that I see it in relation to the surface.
I took a sharp matte knife right to the paper on the surface and began cutting. The first shapes will be the most opaque and lightest on the starry background. Black teeth just wont work out.
As I progress forward the patterns begin to reveal the form beneath. It is a really neat way at looking at it.
This method I decided upon for this project is working really well. The design of the shapes allows the form to remain intact.
I'm getting closer to the dark tones of the portrait. I had to use a bit of glue stick to help the left eye stick in place.
This view helps give away my technique and tools. Basically I'm just using toothbrushes and stiff hog hair brushes and straight paint and slightly thinned paints for lighter further stars.
I start working very lightly into the shadows and you can really see the face come together.
I place the hood outside once the rain passes in order to put on a layer of protective clear coat.
I sprinkle holographic silver metal flake onto the clear coat. These sparkles change colour as the light is refracted. Its a bit hard to capture but the twinkling catches your eye as you move and change your view.


writerchick said...

What I learned from Brian Batista: (1) how to be a better artist, (2) how to create and think outside the box, (3) how to be less sensitive and not be offended by the slightest things, (4) how to let stuff go, and (5) continuous improvement AKA "kaizen" AKA striving to be a better person

Gibson SG Fanatic said...

Hi Brian. I sent you a tweet but then I deleted it when I realized you probably wouldn't reply to it cuz of how busy you are. Wow your cartooning class is big-- compared to some others I've seen. Off to see the Wizard-- I mean the record producer. Someday you'll be in the NY gallery. It's destiny. Bye...