July 6, 2013

The Sagan continues.....

It has been a very busy time, Stampede has just begun, so things are beginning to get a little crazy in my hood. I had to do a lot of tidying in my studio in order to find the mac tac for the next part of the process on the piece I am working on right now.
I altered an image from the internet in photoshop. I simplified the images into a few simplified tonalities. I cut it up and printed it out onto many pieces of paper and reassembled the image on my studio floor.  It is definitely larger than life!
Speaking of larger than life....
I am one lucky Bunny, today I went to the "Greatest Outdoor Show ABOVE Earth" and was extremely lucky to have a chance to meet Canadian Astronaut Col. (Ret) Chris Hadfield today after his talk. He even signed a poster for "Bunny".  He was definitely super cool, this made my Stampede week!
A very special thanks to Catherine and Jimmy Hazin from the Canadian Space Society (http://www.css.ca/) for making this possible.
 Here is the video I took with my iphone of the CSS Youth Ambassadorasking the space man about space ships.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to hide behind a beard or a mustache. You have a really cute face.

Jamie's Girl said...

Hi Brian. I really hope After Effects is still on. So far this year, two of my classes ended up getting cancelled. Really looking forward to meeting you and learning the software. Hope you and your significant others survived the flood. Take care.

BUNNY said...

Anonymous - I dont have a beard or a mustache to hide behind. lol. But I apprecite the cute compliment.

Jamie's Girl.
After Effects started at ACAD this Tuesday evening. I will also have the full course (12 week program) coming up at Quickdraw this winter on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings for the duration.