October 16, 2017

Arts Academy - teens kicking butt

I took on an additional class teaching teens on Saturdays at ACAD. I created a very academic curriculum. These guys are quickly becoming really good. I wasn't able to snap many photos of the terrific work they did in the still life proportions class.

My phone is old and the battery never gets me past 3pm before it dies. there were more than a dozen more great still life studies by the end of class, but you get the idea.

October 14, 2017

Recently at Atelier Artista

The start of the school year has me incredibly busy. I haven't forgotten about you dear readers of my blog. I have been drawing, painting, cleaning and teaching everyday as well. everyday. No days off, no rest for the wicked. Unless of course the wicked gets sick, which happened last weekend during Thanksgiving so that was my break, in bed then volunteering at the QAS Log drivers Waltz.  Heres a peek into a bit of what I've got going on.

At my last figure sessions I first did a painting I didn't like so I scraped it down, the following week I decided I was better off studying the form through darks and lights rather than sticky colour. Heres a few of the steps in drawing Neema last session on Wednesday night.

My classes are running every day of the week at Atelier Artista (atelierartista.com) Its not too late to join in if you'd like to take the remaining classes until the holidays let me know and come on down.

On Tuesday afternoons I have Colour in Theory and Practice. We finished values, temperature and colour mixing and are now venturing into understanding and using colour harmonies. 

On Wednesdays we do portrait drawing and painting and have begun the first stages of blocking in our self portraits.

Its all about the light and dark and beginning with a good likeness. Next comes colour and form enhancements.

On Thursdays We have classical drawing in the morning and are currently studying some of Bargues method.
In the afternoon on Thursdays, I give a lecture and demo in my "painting secrets of the masters" class.

On Fridays we study Anatomy and more in Full figure.  Ive worked out some theories on how to be both effective and efficient. After this class,  I head on up to Waldorf to teach teens. On the week-ends I have two classes at ACAD and on Sundays I often have samplers at Swintons. 

But wait.......there is more.... there is always more...

so keep your eyes on the prize  =:D

October 5, 2017

EPISODE 56 Robert Liberace workshop

I've been swamped since Alberta Culture days where I shook thousends of hands and now classes starting up......

8 at Atelier Artista.

5 at ACAD

1 at Waldorf

and 1 every couple Sundays at Swintons.

So this is a catch up episode from my workshop at Whidbey Island with Robert Liberace. Which was so good!!!

Please watch the episode and when things simmer down another will be in production.


September 14, 2017

Call to Artists

Heres an interesting show a friend of mine is curating, I'm going to put something in,
could be a fantastic opportunity for other creators out there too. Just do it!

Keys to Recovery at cSPACE

Email: Melissa.e.cole@gmail.com for more info

September 13, 2017

August 24, 2017

That time of year.....

That time of year is quickly approaching. Back to school = time to make art!

Atelier Artista just did a newsletter mail out to ensure all those who want to sign up or get on a waitlist have a chance. It is first come first serve and we already had a few email sign ups for waiting lists this morning. So get on it and spread the word.



We also have a new shipment of plaster casts on its way for Atelier students to study from in the fall to add to the ones pictured below. Exciting.

August 16, 2017

Atelier Poster Deigns

Created a variety of poster Designs for the fall semester at Atelier Artista. I just sent my files off to the Printers cant wait to start passing them out. Take a look:
 11 X 17 posters for the various art stores, Swinton's , Sunnyside and more.
 Here is a weird size 12 X 24 for the signage outside the studio.
Postcards for those who want to carry the information away with them.
Website currently updating in process.
Google calendar updated until 2018.

August 3, 2017

Exquisite creatures

After our warm up drawings I decided to try turning the exquisite corpse on its side with this group to make exquisite creatures. It totally worked out awesome!

August 2, 2017

August 1, 2017

Teaching teen cartooning this week

Im teaching a teen cartooning camp this week at ACAD. We do a lot of different drawing games and exercises everyday but here's my favourite, you know the one if you follow this blog.......the exquisite corpse.

July 27, 2017

comic strip

I invented a 3 panel comic game where you make a box and pass it on the next person reacts and adds to the story and then a final one completes it and titles it. Here is what a bunch of 9 - 12 year olds developed......

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