November 20, 2017

Classes starting January 2018

Here is a time lapse of the blackboard calendar of classes for January 2018!

For more details visit

November 18, 2017

Their first life drawing session.

The students in my Drawing 1 - Saturday class at ACAD got their first opportunity to draw the figure from life and I think they did pretty well. I snapped a few of the last two poses to inspire you to take a class with me or to get out there and get back on that rusty old bike if its been a while and ride off into the light!

Plus: at the very bottom of this post, a quick wet in wet portrait demo I did in student grade acrylic for my Arts Academy kids, with fun orange eye shadow!

Drawing from life marathon part 1! 8 new drawings from last night

After the regular Wednesday night long pose figure Drawing at Atelier Artista, I teach a figure drawing class at ACAD, the next day Mark Northcott hosts a Liquid Imagination figure drawing event at the Atelier.
I had the night off, and though I felt totally beat and that I should have gotten sleep...........
I was like..............Naaaah! I attended the event and made some of the quick sketches of burlesque dance Eva Angel that you can check out below. I have classes to teach this Saturday but part two will come after I make more figure drawings at the Draw 'til you drop event on Sunday!

November 15, 2017

Fabric, windows and the process of time

Intriguing title. Maybe. Its more of a list of whats being going on really. I have so many different plates spinning, I need lists to keep track. Lol  Below is a demonstration I did of how to block in and break up the shapes to shade draped fabric.

 I continue to make a lot of improvements in the studio space.
Being here for just over 9 months, she's ready to birth. I have a much better idea as how best to organize and address the needs of this space.
 I hung overhead lights for figure modelling using the electrical outlet I purchased on the ceiling in the spring. I still have to go up a ladder to turn them on, maybe I can find a remote sensor or a clapper.
I also bought another folding table, after trying it out, I realized it is far to unstable for my needs. My male genes hate returning stuff, hopefully it's not too late, otherwise I have to keep it. You often do get what you pay for.
 I had about 20 min after a Buds of Buds presentation to paint the door at the Bridgeland community centre. Stoked to have a snow bunny the kids can enjoy.
I added some snowflakes and wintery elements at the end and snapped this shot right before my iphone died.
 Finally, I got some time over the week-end to plow through some details on older work that had been put on hold.
 It took almost the entire day to work out the anatomical details to a degree that I was satisfied with.
I added some ground elements and will continue the push and pull of creating these pieces. i will be hanging them outside my studio wall int he cSPACE gallery on the 4th floor on Nov 25th.

November 9, 2017

Steps to draw this figure

Every single Wednesday, since I opened Atelier Artista, we host a long pose figure night. Here are the photos of my piece as it progressed in each seating from last night's session with U of C model Toma.

In the first 20  or so minutes I try to orient my figure and get some of the major masses and shapes down.

Note: Often I fall into inspiration traps along the way like with the hand or arm sucking my interest and then i focus on the detail instead of blocking in the bigger shapes, its better to keep it big and simple at first.
In the second seating, I map out the shadow shapes and block in some more of the forms. I left the head at this point knowing that as the sessions progress she will sink deeper into relaxation and the pose would change in some areas so I leave them loose for now.
I add some detail and refinements with my lights and darks including some background tone and a pillow. By this point, I find that I'm fairly blind to what I'm doing so if you have a great group of people like I do, I ask for advice on what I can focus on in the final sitting so I can refine what I've got rather than flounder around getting nowhere fast.
It seems by the end that there is just never enough time, but after about two hours I'm usually pretty happy with what I've done and need to let it sit int he back of my mind. Plus, I work a lot and by this point I'm spent and about to turn into a pumpkin.

If you'd like to come draw Wednesday evening 7 -10 PM. Visit and chack out the figure drawing events. If you cant do Wednesday evening we have two Fridays a month with Mark Northcott's "Liquid Imagination" sessions as well.

November 7, 2017

Exquisite corpse @ Waldorf School

On the final day of my drawing elective we played a fun drawing game.

October 31, 2017

The Joy of Creating with Bunny Ross

Taught my classes at the Atelier this Halloween in full Bob get up and maybe I've taken this a little too far but hey if the afro fit wear it. After classes wrapped up, I burnt out two lightbulbs creating this fun little satire, eventually I got the glass swept up and this episode put together and uploaded for you to enjoy.

Special thanks to Ian and Jess at Feast Letterpress (  for taking these two stellar photos below, of me in costume at my studio.

Time to pack it up and shave my beard for charity, Movember begins Tomorrow and my campaign can be found here. Donate today!

October 24, 2017

Blackboard time lapse

and demonstration from my portrait drawing class where we cover the head at different angles lecture.

Have a look. if this seems like its up your alley and you want to know more visit

Our classes and times are listed online and it he above video.

October 23, 2017

Another busy week of art

My classes at Atelier Artista run everyday Monday - Friday. 
Drawing begins at 9am - 12:30 and Painting classes begin at 12:30. 
I also teach at other times throughout the week and on week-ends.
 On Wednesday Evenings, I regularly host figure drawing, find out more here:
Above is my drawing from last weeks Wednesday evening session.
 I was asked to hang some work at Holy Grill across fro MEC, They sent me the picture above.
 I got on the front cover of MRU's "reflector" newspaper for a course I've been building in creating Graphic Novels and comics. Read the article here:

 On Friday's, after my "Full Figure" drawing human anatomy course I teach an afternoon elective at Waldorf School. Above is the project the kids accomplished this week.
 The "Keys to recovery" exhibition was a huge success.  3 of my students sold their work at Auction!!! Above is the curator with a piece by Aaron Sidorenko.
 I got to pick op 4 works made by friends and hang them in my studio for the time being.
 I teach at ACAD in during the week in the evenings and two classes at ACAD on the week-end.
 In Drawing 1 we are working on creating the illusion of depth and form on a two dimensional surface. I cover concepts including orthographic and isometric projection.
 As we work towards graphical and linear perspective, 1 point and beyond.
In my Arts Academy we finish the last day of our drawing portion with a self portrait and measure of the face, before we move into paint.

It may seem like a lot, but variety is the spice of life.

There are so many interesting and creative things going on everyday in my life and at Atelier Artista. If you want to find out more, take a class, come draw figure on Wednesday nights or anything like that check out and sign up for the newsletter for more updates!

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