March 27, 2017

Drawing 1 figure drawing 2

We had our second figure drawing session with my Alberta College of Art and Design Drawing 1 group. I taught many different ways of seeing and how to change up how we apply marks to the paper.  Here are a few of the drawings from later in the session. Check out the students progress.

 Get out of your normal ways of working and try to challenge yourself with something different.

 Where's the progress if you always play it safe? 

March 25, 2017

EPISODE 44 People are Awesome!!!

Things are coming together just in time for the #peoplesportraitprize at cSPACE this week-end. In this Episode #44, I talk about why I think people are awesome, and they are and I talk about this weeks uplifting visits, I got flowers sent to me and add a bit of fun with #justaddzebras. Have a watch.

My art school:

Where to get art supplies:


March 23, 2017

Starting still life studies

We worked on proper proportions, drawing through and planning the composition and drawing of still life objects in the Studio/Atelier.

March 22, 2017

Drawing fully figured

It is nearly my last figure drawing session at ACAD on Tuesday nights. We did a longer pose with Karen. The students have really made leaps since we began. Here are some of the pieces made during our last session.

There is another figure drawing session that I am instructing at ACAD in May. We are going to study the surface and muscles in the upcoming semester. Look for it on their site through the Continuing Education department.  Find out more here:

March 20, 2017

Portrait of Mario

It been awesome working at my studio with Martinho and Douglas Friday afternoons. We are painting from life and are paying a model to sit for these sessions.

I was feeling rusty with my oil skills on this one as the blank white canvas stored back at me. I know all to well what it feels like. It took a few sittings to get comfortable with my palette again.
I scraped down the paining from 2 sessions and redrew and started over because I was unhappy wit how it turned out. But now things are going my way. This bit took me around 2.5 hrs. One more sitting and I should have it wrapped up.

I made the hat much larger on the top and will hopefully keep it that way. I need to bring down the eye on the far side and do all the detailing etc, but for not the oil will just get muddy so it is best to let it dry and attack it again next session, just in time before the opening of the Peoples Portrait Prize this Saturday 6 - 9 pm. All 4 floors of the cSPACE King Edward building.

March 17, 2017

March 16, 2017

Mixing and spinning and subbing

Classes have been exciting, but this Wednesday things got a little more amped. My friend and DJ Cosmic Lurkn came by in the morning to add some spun sound to the still life class. It made for a wicked "hump day" that's for certain!

 My students worked on hard lit shapes in a complex arrangement.  We looked at tone and edges and learned how cast shadows should describe the form they fall on and not necessarily the shape that casts them. I took Cosmic and KT out for ramen after the class to catch up and fill up.
To my surprise two pals from the art world were there setting up for their public work installation at cSPACE over the nxt few months... Hooray!! Katie Green ad Daniel J. Kirk popped by for a visit and we snapped this shot in the atelier.
Later in the evening, after a long set up and a bunch or errands, my figure night at the studio was being substitute hosted by artist Elena Bushan(her work here:

Meanwhile, I substituted a fast track acrylic painting still life course at ACAD, above is one of the students at work on his piece.

March 14, 2017


It may seem like i just pumped these last two episode out back to back. Well, they do go together and they represent how I spent my last two week-ends when not teaching. I'm pretty proud of what this one lone art guy is capable of accomplishing and I hope you think I'm doing a fine job too, because I do it for you!

Take a watch and pass it on, help me get more subscribers if you like what you see :D

March 12, 2017


Check the video on how I spent my week-end building a model stand for Wednesday evening figure drawing. more here:

March 9, 2017

Canvas Building Workshop!

Learn to make and take home the canvases that you build.
I just announced this workshop.
Sign up quick, space and tools are limited.
+ You get to take home two excellently made canvases worth the price of the class.

Saturday April 8, 
11 am - 2 pm.

March 8, 2017

A bunch of fun and interesting stuff

I have all sorts of goodies here, starting with some whiteboard notes from my Monday evening cartooning class at ACAD. Here is my ACAD classroom before the students arrive.

And the other direction from my Drawing 1 class on Saturday working on perspective

 At my atelier ( I have a whole bunch of great courses in drawing and painting you can take, visit my website for more info and to sign up HERE.

 We are working on portraits for the upcoming peoples portrait prize at cSPACE King Edward.

I also have a figure drawing evening at ACAD and on Wednesday evenings at the atelier as well as anatomy classes, here is a glimpse of some of the demonstation notes.

 I left a little skeleton surprise for the gals in the Con Ed department after leaving my figure drawing class for the evening.
 It looks like one is about to be kicked to the curb hard. lol.
After all, it's good to keep life and art a little lighthearted!
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