May 13, 2018


I'm back on the proverbial horse and the drawing horse as well. Mistakes, We all make them. Want to learn from mistakes, see how I do it in this short video.

May 5, 2018

That time planting a bunch of herbs at Atelier Artitsa

We have been excitedly anticipating the ability to plant a spring crop with our beautiful northern light and new kitchen counter the herbs are the thing to improve snacks and mealtimes!

May 1, 2018


We just cant do anything normal down here. It was supposed to just be a regular wooden countertop but things gout out of hand, sand, stain, draw, leaf, paint, epoxy, dry, wait, then install. food and drink prep just got taken to a whole other level at Atelierartista!

See the steps we took to make it epic meal time all the time in the studio!

April 10, 2018


This is an animation I did as an interpretation of origin/creation stories. It was an artist in residence project offered by CAOS, (Calgary Animated Objets Society) festival. It was my attempt to push myself into experimentation with stop motion, plasticine, ink in water in a fish tank, sparklers, green screen and compiling the elements together with After Effects. I learned a lot and nearly burnt myself and my computer out in the process. The opportunity also afforded me the chance to purchase gear and software to make the piece and to basically live in a plus 15 window for a time. Kind of like an animal on display.

March 22, 2018

Announcing the Winner!!!

Atelier Artista is very proud to award this years People's Portrait Prize 2018

Emerging Artist Award to

Diana Shen Peng

Diana was given sketchbooks and a voucher worth $400 to take any of the classes offered at Atelier Artista or for our regular uninstructed Wednesday evening figure drawing sessions.


Speaking of classes at the Atelier, the next semester is coming up quickly, classes begin the first week of April check out the intensives we have on offer visit


We  have camps and classes in the summer for kids and youth, registration is open:

January 11, 2018

Warm ups

Here are some of my daily early morning warm up sketches and the figure drawing I did of Sarabella on Wednesday night at Ateleir Artista.

January 10, 2018

January 8, 2018

Bring in the new year with naked bodies....

We haven't missed a Wednesday evening since we opened, and we don't plan on it. Practice makes perfect after all. If you'd like to join us, c'mon down on Wednesday, we have Sarabella modelling for us again. Here's my sketches from the last session we did with her.

This year our first Wednesday evening figure drawing was with Neema. Here's what I drew with new charcoal on bamboo paper.

We also had a figure drawing and time management course for Studio C/Prospect, heres a video peek below.

Go here for more info:

January 3, 2018

Welcoming in the New Year with

the first class of the new year today. Taught a class their first figure drawing class with a clothed model for Studio C prospect. Felt good to get back into the swing of things and tonight we have our first session of our regular Wednesday Evening figure drawing event at Atelier Artista 7 - 10 pm.

December 23, 2017

On our way to the holidays

Lots has been going on as we careen toward the holidays. I'm excited for some time off but it wont really be off at all, my list just seems to be growing and growing but regular figure drawing is still happening. every Wednesday 7 -  10 pm at Atelier Artista.
Marla came in for two Mondays evening sessions for private study with some Art friends.

I had a really off day with lots of interruptions and didn't manage to get out anything I was happy with.
We were very lucky to get to draw Jenn who is pregnant with twins another evening.

Last Wednesday Alexia came and posed for our regular Wednesday evening figure drawing session.
We have so much fun figure drawing here....

December 10, 2017

Liquid Imagination with Alexia Day

After a long day I was given the opportunity to participate in Mark Northcott's Liquid Imagination at Atelier Artista.  We did a lot of short poses and though I felt rusty and fatigued I was really glad I took part by the end of it.

Final Arts Academy day @ ACAD

We ended off the Arts Academy class with using our drawing skills on a fun game, but before we did the students created their final pieces with an open choice of media after a course overview and review.

December 8, 2017

"Window-shading" the sketched figure

Lately my figure drawing process has become window-shading. its a fast way, after a general lay in, to capture and render from head to toe. This time I didn't quite make it to the end and left the foot unfinished revealing my process. Essentially "window-shading" is an area by area method of working on the piece after the overall composition has been drawn in. Below is the one I did from the last figure drawing session at Atelier Artista.

If you'd like to join in the fun we draw from life every Wednesday night 7 - 10 pm at Atelier Artista located n the fourth floor of cSPACE!

December 3, 2017

Live String Quartet @ atelierartista

Take a look at Atelier Artista's regular Wednesday evening group. We were blessed by a pleasant treat, we had a live string quartet while our male model Devin did long pose. You can have a look and listen to the little iphone video I show below. Sorry viewers, no nude male model recorded here.
Here is another glimpse into the night. The sound was so much more than I could have anticipated. So much volume without amplification. Here is the drawing after the second sitting, I almost feel this is enough and I could have left it at that..........and then once the time has run out and the drawing has come to completion, after some help from my friends both in eyes and with hands :D

and below is another video with the sweet sounds of the string quartet for your enjoyment.

(Figure drawing+) Classes coming to an end

I had 3 of my classes at ACAd come to a close this week.

 In my drawing 1 class we tied up the semester by revisiting what we began with which is a self portrait project so that we could see what they had learned over the 10 weeks.
I managed to get in a bit of drawing time in of Melanin during the final figure drawing class on the last pose of the fall semester. The students had an opportunity to push their rendering in the long pose  below:

 Nice work, I can't wait to continue on next semester where we will delve deeper into the anatomy and discuss sub surface tissue and muscles.