December 1, 2016

"Master Painting" overview

I taught a course I designed titled "Master Painting" at the Alberta College of Art and design again this year.  It is based on my work, as well as on the Art study/ research trip I took to Italy and more.
Here is an overview of the work completed in the course by my fabulous students! We cover the Flemish technique, Venetian technique and French academic and a whole lot more! It is such a dense course with demos, presentations and practical advice. In my course we build and prep our stretchers, ground our supports, do masters copies, and a whole lot more,  I cant divulge too much here but take a look at some of the 32 pics I snapped throughout the semester.

If you are interested in learning stuff like this contact me through my website:

Colour theory final review.

We reached the end of my Colour theory for painters course at ACAD and I did a final class discussion and review to see what they remember and to build these crazy whiteboard notes based on their retention.
 Below are a few pics of some of the final projects etc.

Got crabs?!

I did up these two little studies for the rumble house holiday fundraiser.
 First a quick sketch on top of a toned oil panel.
Then I began with the darks before having to run out for a lunch date.
Upon my return I quickly directly painted the crab.
And then added the background and went back for touch ups.

November 28, 2016

Waldorf review

Jumping back a bit, I taught some sessions at one of Calgary's Waldorf schools and I just wanted to update this blog with the students finished pieces that their teacher took after displaying their works in the school. They sent me a truly lovely thank you card which I have prominently displayed on my fridge. Thanks you Waldorf and great work!

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