June 28, 2013

Seeing red - prep, sand and prime

I am in an upcoming show titled Vanegeddon, a tribute to van murals.
The show opens July 19th at House Gallery - 2607 - 35th st SW.
facebook event page 
It just so happens I have my old truck hood, I've been saving it for an event just like this.
It is however is pretty rough shape. The clear coat has worn away and chipped off some areas and has to be removed.
Ben lent me his palm sander and some 220 grit pads. With a little spit and sweat I get prepping.
I have to take down all the brittle clear coat to ensure my primer and the following paint layers adhere.
I had to make a quick run to the Home Depot to get some rougher 80 grit disks to help the process. I also picked up some primer and clear coat while there.
This is what the layers reveal. The clear coat turns pastel and pink, then there is the red paint and the two primer coats underneath followed by the shiny metal. I think this pattern looks really cool.
There were lots of dents and nicks but I sanded it down with a higher grit sandpaper then wiped it clear of dust particles with solvent.
I began with the first coat of flat black primer.
The fresh coat is drying.
Just as I predicted, red ruined my clothes.

Stay tuned for the exciting development of my tribute to one of my heroes - Carl Sagan!

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