June 6, 2013

Cypress Hills Artist in Residency - final week

My time here is nearly up and after the week long of pissing down rain great weather has broken thru.
Here is a shot from the cabin porch from any given day this week.
In contrast with a view from the Butte on a sunny day.
I spotted this skull while out hiking. I'm sure ray would have liked me to pick it up and take it home to add to the collection. However, The only thing I'm taking from nature is pictures.
Some pretties.
Everyday I sit in this chair outside the cabin and read "the Believing Brain" by Micheal Shermer. It was a fantastic read and helped me get into the groove to make art. While sitting here the other day a huge moose turned the corner and was trotting toward me. I put down my book in shock and we made eye contact, the kind where I knew we both felt like shitting out britches. It recognized I was a people and gave a grunt as it bound past me. If I had stuck out my arm I would have brushed its enormoose face. Now that is close!!!!!
I was a bit stunned but went inside the cabin to grab my camera for some proof and snap a shot of the moose's behind as it walked away.
Here is an action shot of the stunt flying swallows that have become accustomed to me and swoop at me at the front door now. I think they are protecting their nest.

The internet signal is very weak and unstable, it has taken over 2 hours to make this blog post so I'm going to get back to the cabin and post again when I am back in town =:D

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