December 6, 2015

Acrylic Sampler Sunday at Swinton's (December 6)

Sunday Sampler at Swintons. This week-end acrylic!

This week-end its acrylic.  I brought a bunch of test panels and examples to show the group the variety of things from  fluorescent, iridescence and textured options. I presented an overview of methods and materials before diving into the paint.
We practiced colour mixing with a palette knife using a closed palette consisting of titanium white, the three primaries (and warm and cool options of each) and burnt umber.  We made black and used white to create a grey scale. then mixed the secondary and tertiary colours.
The students picked their subject, prepared their supports and began blocking in the colours they needed with their largest brush.
They mixed all the hues they need, creating tints and shades of each then blending and applying them to their canvas panel.
They experimented with different mediums, and brushes and how to apply the paint.
We also did a tour of the store to get acquainted with the materials available and so I could answer any additional questions anyone may have by this point. Plus it is really good to take a break before going back to put on the finishing touches.
I thought I got more pictures of everyone's pieces, they all turned out so well for first time painters and in the short time given to try a new medium. Well done folks!

I will be teaching more samplers in the new year check out the link at the bottom for more details and sign up:

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