December 20, 2015

Out of chaos comes cleanliness!

It is usually a feat to get order out of chaos.  I've been on a roll lately since reading that book, see a few entries ago for more information. I've been doing pretty good but got busy with volunteering, Christmas parities and other things so I neglected finished the room until today.
On a whim, I turned my efforts to the kitchen which was in much need of love and organization.
My room mate let me know that this cupboard has never been cleaned. I could barely fit in the space without cracking my ribs a bit and now my back is super sore from it. I recycled a tonne of tupperware and cleaned all the shelving, it took oven cleaner and a metal scraper to get them looking like new.
Mid tidy, I took this picture then I had to take everything out and reorganize it. You'd be surprised how much one can fit in the cupboard and how much is less than necessary. I also emptied out every other kitchen cupboard and organized it as well, no sense in doing half a job.
I went back to Ikea for more bins and nicely labelled all my herbs and combined other cupboards into this one freeing up more space. It feels and looks good. I moved onto another room witht eh glow of achievement under my belt.
I keep my bathroom really clean, but went the extra mile removing the hard water stains.
I also picked up a unit that goes under the sink to place all my bathroom stuff and leaving the sink less cluttered. Its a joy to shave and sh*t in here now.
My new studio space is finally ready to be used, there is a bit more i can do but its functional enough to make me happy as I really want to get back to work painting! 

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