December 14, 2015

Draw Droppers

I was eager for session 2 Sunday morning of "Draw 'til you drop". I had a big exciting day ahead and was looking forward to the coffee and the session. I brought a much more compact set up and got a good seat by being early.
 Did a bunch of quick warm up drawings with the tools I brought, a bin of coloured materials, pencil crayons and watercolours.
I also did some quick ones with good old HB graphite pencil too.
It was this burlesque models first time, she was so fun to draw.
I pulled out some golden High fluid Acrylics and empty Molotow marker containers and filled them up. Spilled some tone on the paper to work with.
I found this indigo to be really opaque and dark but used the background snow flake light motif as a pattern in this sketch then I thinned down the acrylic int he marker with the subtraction of the blue an the addition of iridescent pearl.
This is my favourite sketch of the session, and it was done before lunch = morning person for sure! I had fun with the loose use of the colours and the addition of brushed in black watercolour to my toolkit.
There was an overlap with the burlesque models allowing for a more interactive narrative int he pose. The devils minion.
She had a really interesting layered and textured devilish outfit complete with horns. It felt like time moved quickly as I raced to get the colours down for the feathers, metal chain, thick leather strapping, draping silks, soft pillow, delicate lace etc. in the right place before the pose ended.
I skipped drawing and went straight  into the skin tone, followed by the the red and finishing with the black and blue, to get this quick watercolour sketch done quickly.
I reached back for my graphite for the last two drawings before packing up for more adventures awaiting. After the session I had some errands to run before jetting off to fulfill my teenage bucket list to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue perform for their final tour and last show in Canada at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

A great cap to an amazing week-end!

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