December 24, 2011

Double Dragons --> X-mas eve

I spent the afternoon adding some line work to my latest pieces. I like the holidays. It is quiet, the roads are bare, nobody is out,  (save the last minute men, hoping todo some last minute shopping and find a gift to save their ass tomorrow). Other than that, it is quiet and there aren't much in the way of societies regular expectations. Instead are dinners etc.
A perfect day to let the creative juices flow. I did the line work on both pieces, the red piece got black gesso line treatment and the blue background piece was given some line work with white paint.
A bit more work has been done in blocking in some of the facial features. I tackled the claws by creating a make-shift stencil out of a scrap of graph paper. I added the squirmy bits to the elbows and some white ribbing along the stomach. I also used a silver sharpie to draw in the scales. 
The red piece is more developed than the blue piece I like how it is progressing so far. At this point I began using the dryness of the white paint to lighten some of the hairy bits, I also added an extra finger to each claw. Next time I visit the studio, I will be able to play with color. I am fairly certain I will outline the pieces to give them a glow and to further separate them from the background.

So there you have it, the development from todays painting session ;)

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