December 16, 2011

Studio Party and furniture update

That was a blast! From outer space......
Cosmic (AKA DJ LURK'N'BANG) seen making deals with his agent here,
came in and set up his equipment and spun some sweet tracks. New fact: It turns out we both share the same favourite Bob Marley song! Which gives me more reason not to worry 'bout a thing!

There is nothing like good tunes and  live performer to add energy and magic to a studio. Also I bought some snacks and beers, this helps too. I struggled putting together my new Animation Desk from the Quickdraw Animation Society.  Gerry popped in with his girlfriend Shilo to see what was up and to pick up the canvases he made at the November Canvas Building workshop.

Al Chu stretches some new canvases while EJ appears to be making shit happen, but you never know what really could be happening in that text.
Here the boys get down and creative with my PRISMACOLOR set. We talked a lot about integrity and following the dreams of being an artist. HOw we are each going about that in different ways, there is no road map for this after all, and how success means you have got to rise above.
I did some reorganizing in the studio. I got my furniture put together, mostly. I had to strengthen the joints by adding some corner brackets. I broke some shelf pieces a few times, this unit is put together in a ridiculous way. Plus I am missing a small shelf piece.  All this without directions! If I did this a second time I would be the master, unfortunately I did use up my entire night getting it to where I wanted. I'd rather be painting!

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