January 5, 2012

Bring in the New Year

I  have been hiding under a rock lately.........

Actually, I haven't! The reason there are no posts lately or why I haven't used any social media this holiday, it is very refreshing to take a break. My laptop is still on the fritz and I took down the borrowed system to create room for a phenomenal boxing day feast I prepared.  I just haven't set it back up until today. In fact I didn't touch a computer for 2 weeks. Instead, I've been hard at work, painting and drawing and living up to my expectations, drawing daily and hoping to finish a book a month. I got spoiled this Christmas by Dunia and am reading the Steve Jobs Biography she got me. Every morning I continue my morning pages as I have done for well over a dozen years. Here is the update on the double dragons piece, though it is further as of tonight than what I am shown here. In due time I will catch up with myself ;)

I finally have the joy of adding bright colours to my paintings after all the drawing, underpainting and blocking in of the background. Above are the tubes I used to give you an idea. All the paints are canadian made Stevenson acrylics bought at Inglewood Art Supply, when you spend $200 you get 30% off, thats the kind of shopper I am ;)

Here are the colors I will be using in this session:
Quinacridone Red/Yellow, Hansa Orange, Hansa Yellow Middle, Cadmium Green, Phthalo Turquoise, Cobalt Blue (Golden brand)

Here is the male dragon on the blue background.  An array of rainbow colours have been splashed about on his skin and over his tentacles.  I dripped yellow ochre from the bottom of the canvas to the top and indian red from the top down to create more layering at the end of this session.
As you can see I have spent a lot more time on the repainting, it is where my ideas are more solid to work from, the second painting is more of an experiment from what I learn on the first painting. I had planned from the start to paint rainbow of scales that follows the shape of the body. I have also boldly blocked in features of the face and added red serrated fins to her back. They are outlined in crimson and are bright red despite the difficulty in reading it against a similar color background.  I dripped yellow ochre from the bottom of the canvas to the top and indian red from the top down to create more layering as in the other painting.

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