January 25, 2016

Sunday Sampler at Swintons (January 24, 2016)

I mourn my computer and use one at work during lunch to post this. A great many things are happening but you'd never know since I haven't been able to post lately. A couple of lovely ladies at the Off beat drawing event on Friday night swear its "mercury retrograde" that caused my digital misfortune, though I don't believe that for a minute. Dropping it was definitely the culprit.
 Yesterday I had a terrific oil sampler at Swinton's. You wouldn't know it by the serious look on my face.  But it was FUN and went well. I changed the format of the session and I think it worked fantastic. The next one is full but there are more coming up so just visit Swinton's website and look for samplers if you are interested in signing up. http://swintonsart.com

I had some repeat students which warms my heart, and believe it or not, the majority who tried oil for the first time had never painted before either. Its a challenging medium but totally worth it..... beautiful, creamy and rich I cant say enough good things about oil, I love it. I look forward to inspiring more new budding artists, there is a lot of passion and know how in my brain that I'd love to share around :D

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